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An Optimized Life

The definition of Optimization is: Optimization: an act, process, or methodology of making something (as a design, system, or decision) [...]

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Mix it Up!

Recently a friend of mine recommended a Vitamix Turboblend blender for smoothies, and what I like to call “green eating”.  [...]

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Moving… From Ops System to Browser Based to the “Clouds”

I’ve been a 20 year vet of the PC and the Windows Environment.  I’m a happy windows user as well, [...]

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Moving to a Mac – The Stupid Question Log

This is where I’m going to list all my “Stupid Questions”.  All Mac Friends are invited to let me know [...]

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The Soul of an Entrepreneur…

Do your best work | Touch one person | Make a difference to a handful Keep your values front and [...]

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